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    Search First

    Before you post, using the search function should be your first attempt at finding subjects similar to what you may want to ask. Chances are that there may be several existing answers to your question.


    It’s beneficial for you to start by spending some time reading what others have to say to help you understanding the culture and get a better sense of the tone of the forum before you start posting. However, please introduce yourself in the Welcome forum so that other users know who you are.

    Read the Stickies

    All topics that have been “stickied” or placed prominently up at the top of the forums are probably there for a good reason. They undoubtedly contain answers to commonly asked questions, important announcements, and useful information that will greatly benefit you. If this is your first time on the forums, read those first. If you are a forum frequent flyer, check for new stickies periodically; change is the only constant.

    Post in the Right Area

    There are several areas on this forum that have specific subject matters. All of the sub-forums should have a description as to their purpose. Please be aware of where you are posting if you want to get a proper response. Your posting may be locked, moved, or even deleted if it’s in the incorrect area.

    Avoid Meaningless Posts

    Even though electrons are cheap, save everyone’s time by thinking about what you’re writing before posting. Try to keep the signal-to-noise ratio low so that the forum remains a useful resource.

    Don’t Crosspost

    Only post your message once to the appropriate forum and nowhere else. Crossposting clutters up the forum with redundant postings, causing moderators to mutter under their breath while they lock or delete your post without warning.

    Use Descriptive Subject Titles

    Provide other users a clear, well thought out subject title to your posting so that they may choose whether or not they will read your topic. Chances are, the more well written the subject title, the more likely they’ll read it. Don’t use attention getting subjects. They don’t get attention.

    Grammar and Punctuation

    Proofreading your post provides an easier and enjoyable experience by keeping other users from being distracted by typos and poorly written responses. Edit your posts for content and length; edit the stuff you’re quoting.

    Thread Drifting

    Try to keep the thread on topic to original post. If a discussion begins to veer off topic, feel free to start a new topic.

    Thread Closing

    There are several reasons why a thread may be closed:

    • The discussion has run its course and posts have begun repeating subject matter (i.e., beating dead horses).
    • The discussion has degraded into an argument.
    • The discussion topic is a duplicate of another existing topic.
    • The discussion is old or outdated.

    Avoid Posting Rumors

    It’s tempting to post some juicy gossip that you’ve heard from your sister’s dentist’s brother who read an article on a blog, but unless you can provide your sources, please refrain from posting unsubstantiated rumors. With the breadth and depth of knowledge on this forum, chances are someone will have more information about the subject and you’ll just look silly in the process.

    Conversations Stay on Forum

    Most posts may seem fine for a general audience, however it is our policy to keep these discussions solely in the forum. Some of the material may be sensitive in nature and is not intended for public viewing. Do not forward or copy/paste any material found on this forum. Do not use it as source material for your next oration at a local social.

    File Attachments

    You’re allowed to include file attachments to your topics, and you’ll need to host the images, videos, documents, or any other mediums. Make sure that you’re hosting the images, as hot-linking is strongly discouraged. Be conscious of the number of images and file sizes. We recommend using images less that 600px wide by 800px high.

    User Profiles and Avatars

    Feel free to add as much personal information about yourself in your user profile. You may want to include the year you first started as a Ranger, you’re contact information (such as an email address), and your personal website. If you would like to change your avatar image from the blank default, the system uses Gravatar for this purpose. More information on how to set this up may be found on their site.

    The Golden Rule

    Treat others nicely. While debating in discussions are fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, or purposeless inflammatory posts. Doing so runs the risk of a stern lecture and the possibility of having your account temporarily put on hiatus or being permanently banned. Remember: snarky is okay, being a jerk isn’t.

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