Hey, what would it take to switch from the forum back to Allcom?

Black Rock Rangers Forums Forum Protocols Hey, what would it take to switch from the forum back to Allcom?

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    should we for a comity first to discuss the benefits of all-com vs forums first



    With the current setup, traffic is down and signal to noise ratio is way up. This is almost certainly due to the higher barrier to posting. It would explain why we’ve been more civil (the time it takes to login has the effect of counting to 10). It would also explain why we feel less connected.

    I agree that we’ve gone too far. It would be nice to get more traffic, even if means letting more noise creep in. Simply allowing folks to reply via email might revert us to the same situation as before (with the possible change that since the forums are archived, we could simply point people to prior threads rather than rehash old topics). However, one could imagine creating a way to post/respond that was a bit harder than pressing reply all, but easier than having to go through a login process.

    I don’t support a full regression to alcove. I think the forum has the potential to be a good solution. But it does need to be tweaked. Allowing for people to respond via email is a good first step. If things devolve to allcom like proportions, we could always make responding just a little bit harder…



    I like the forum. It takes very little effort to click the linky and sign in if I want to respond. Even less if I check the “remember me” box at the bottom of the sign in page.

    I also think we perhaps haven’t given the forum enough time to really feel it out and tweak it if need be.

    Or maybe I’m wrong and we should immediately drop an EMP on the servers on which it is hosted.

    I’m kinda good either way.


    Turtle Dove

    Honestly I am torn. I miss the dickens out of allcom. (On a side note my auto correct wants the word allcom to be alcohol..Lol)…However the forum has advantages too. I was initially quite excited about the forum and then I inadvertently used it inappropriately and it scared me off the thing almost completely. On that note I quite honestly feel all online communication with Rangers has left me walking on eggshells as of late. As a writer this is probably one of the worst feelings I can think of. Being afraid to write something or say something because I am “doing it wrong” or am “not allowed to say that”….it’s incredibly daunting. Part of my philosophy as of late has been to take note of all these things with the hope that on playa…in person…I might be able to communicate some of my concerns to someone or other. I understand there are a lot of us and it can’t be easy to try and moderate all of the communication….but is that moderation using Ranger philosophy? If I am jumping off a three story tower at burning man are you going to tell me to stop jumping? OR are you going to wait till I hit the ground? Am I simply mixing my metaphors? I am not sure anymore.


    Tempe, AZ

    I am a bit afraid to say this, but I like the forums. I always thought allcom was too chaotic to ever separate the pearls from the seaweed. I missed a lot of important information in that black hole. Many times I would ask a question on allcom and never catch the response in the stream of replies



    Allcom, Salsero.

    I vote to keep the forum. I still receive every post as an email. I can easily scan the forum for any topic I wish to revisit. And having to log in to respond to a post gives me the time to consider the value of what I might add to the thread, rather than silently nodding in rangerly agreement. Personally, I am grateful not to have my inbox filled with one line ripostes.

    See you all soon!


    East Bay

    WhoopD here tossing in my two cents. I agree with the opinion of Kilrog/Potato and think this forum seems to just add to the Ranger arsenal. I also agree with Apparatus’ metaphor that this is a new cabinet with more drawers that are labeled better (which I think is a good thing). I hear both sides of the argument…I mean discussion and appreciate all opinions.

    For me, I used to log into my Ranger Gmail and see what was being discussed. Now I log into the forum and look through recent topics and posts to see what is discussed.

    Admittingly (<–apparently that is not a word) I am not a ‘heavy user’ as of yet so my experience is limited. I think that fact might also be why I see no issue with the forum. Old habits are hard to break and Rangers that have been using Allcom through many a dust storm probably aren’t stoked on this new ‘trick’. Since I wasn’t on Allcom for very long, this seems to be a much more efficient tool.

    <politely stepping off the soap box>

    WhoopD- out

    It was already on fire when I got here )’(



    From what I am hearing, a lot of people would like the Forum to act like the old Listserv. Many are expressing it from the model that they knew and loved. Get an email from the listserv, archive it somewhere, read it (them if many) when you can, reply when you have something to add. The reply goes out to everyone.

    This sound about right?

    Right now I get my forum messages in a nice digest format. Its similar to digests that other tools like some listservs offer. The digest allows me to see “activity level” on a post or subject. Hot high-response subjects are very clearly identified in the digest. Its kinda listserv like and in some ways better IMHO. Filtering in Gmail would do the same thing with individual emails.

    What I hear many people saying they liked about the listserv was the ability to respond by email without logging in to the forum. What if we had that ability?

    > Would that ability give you the best of both worlds?
    > Would it make more people use the forum?
    > Would you respond to posts more from your phone?
    > Would the forums still not meet your needs? Why?

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    Bay Area

    I believe facebook is picking up some of the slack. Did you see the “bacon therapy” post? ieew



    Tulsa, ForumComm // Lefty

    I can understand how ‘GMail-ized Forums Only’ for all Ranger e-communiques are very efficient & effective…for anyone who is in a Ranger management/leadership role & who is willing to use GMail.

    But as for the Ranger rank & file??? Mmmm..I think the several month trial has spoken.

    And as for those in Khakidom who don’t use Gmail w/ its centralized email filters, having all Forum postings ALSO sent as email to Allcom sucks bigtime (Wasn’t one of the prime reasons for the Forums –> to move topical Khaki discussions out of our emailboxes & into a threaded webpage??).

    I echo @pparatus’ & Judas’ sentiments re the Ranger forum.

    Imhko, the Ranger Forums will never ever be the accessible, chatty, spontaneous (albeit fiery/flamey-potential) medium that Ranger Allcom has been for more than a decade. Never. Ever.

    But my observation adds another dimension to the issue: What we really need is BOTH Ranger Allcom & the Ranger Forums (1); not either/or.

    Is there some particular reason(s) why we can’t have both?? And let each medium do its respective thing/what each is good at?? Are the reasons we can’t have both rooted in available resources, logistics, and/or politics?

    Ranger Allcom & Ranger Forums serve two different roles for us:

    • Allcom • Ranger communications that tend to be new, quick, short, time-sensitive and come to me, from all directions.

    • Forums • Ranger communications that tend to not be new, can be long, are not time-sensitive, and I proactively go to specifically-identified locations for full participation.

    It would not be hard to ‘move a conversation from Allcom to a Forum’, just like we do on the Playa; when a conversation is moved off of Khaki to another channel.

    Lefty clear

    (1) And a Ranger reference database would make for the PeRfEcT tRiFeCtA: a Ranger FAQ & Wiki site to remove common/recurring/recurring/recurring info off of both Ranger Allcom & Forums, such as: radio in-ear mike specs, Early Arrival requirements, meal pog usage, Commissary B/L/D hours, Ranger outpost resources, ‘Who was that Junkyard/Boggman/DangerRanger guy?’ history, and Capitalist Pigs/Crown Chakra Affair testimonials, etc.


    West Okraland

    I hope you were all wondering what I think about all this, because I’m going to tell you. Succinctly.

    Someone(s) has to be in charge of all this information. That means keeping the info store of Ranger knowledge discussed online up to date, operational, accessible, and most of all, usable.

    Someone(s) most likely volunteers their time to accomplish these tasks.

    Someone(s) has found that using a forum-based tool to replace or duplicate the functionality of Allcom makes sense from an operational and usability standpoint.

    I frankly don’t understand a lot of the problems people have with this forum; the only difference I’ve seen from a user workflow standpoint is logging in to the web site. Because I’m moderately careful about my personal ITSec needs, (my computer is protected with a password on wake/startup/etc, I’ve saved the forum login for easier access.

    There’s definitely room for improvement here, but remember that as a knowledgebase of discussion among Rangers, an orderly database makes a lot of sense, and from a purely e-mail user standpoint, the effort required to log in and reply to a topic has probably been the biggest reason the signal:noise here has dropped significantly.

    I will always defer to experience and logic – as well as being open to preference when it comes to users, and I’m happy to hear yet more constructive criticism/kvetching/straight out complaining. But my opinion is that this is much ado about nothing. I think the forum is at least as easy to read, reply to, and it is much easier to search and reference as Allcom, without the problem of a ‘swiss cheese’ knowledge base like e-mail lists. (In other words, when I search the forum and you search the forum with the same term, we’ll get the same results – not just the results from e-mails we happened to save.)

    I’ll shut up now.




    I wonder if populating the forum with the gems from past email threads might help via creating content to get the thing started a bit more?



    You mean digging up the dead horses so that they can be flogged again?


    Turtle Dove

    Did that even work? Hope so.


    Turtle Dove

    Nope. Well imagine a gif of a dead horse being flogged. Or look at it here : http://awesomegifs.com/wp-content/uploads/dead-horse.gif

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