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    Oakland, California

    Maybe I’ve missed it, but since I don’t want to be emailed with all these topics (I’d rather find them on the message board), how do I turn that feature off?



    Hear, hear! Inquiring minds want to know.

    Actually, and maybe more to the point, can I unsubscribe from Allcom now? In the past subscribing to Allcom was required to remain a ranger in good standing. Now that we have the forum to disseminate information, I would love to be able to do away with all ranger messages I do not seek out on my own.



    Unsubscribe from Allcom.  It’s at the bottom of every e-mail.



    Thank you Toby!


    SF Bay Area

    With the transition from the Allcom mailing list to the new discussion forum, a dialogue of maintaining the mailing list as a read-only medium (like the Announce list) became a novel solution. This provides those who want to still be in the loop in regards to Ranger conversations and who may not visit the forum on a consistent basis.

    Most people on community forums, lists, and other social mediums are lurkers; they view the content, but do not contribute to it. Only about ten percent of people engage in conversation, and even less so with greater frequency as described the 1% Rule –

    This weekend we’ll be making the switch over to this new operation. If you visit the discussion forum on a regular basis and you feel that receiving the email updates on new topics and replies a bit overwhelming, the recommendation is to unsubscribe from Allcom. You may do this by adjusting your account at –

    Note that because this is a shiny new toy and everyone wants to play with it, it’s why we’re getting far more traffic than usual. Once things settle down I expect it to be less verbose.


    Bay Area

    I switched Allcom to digest mode which lets me scan through the list of topics at the top of the e-mail and see if it looks like anything I might want to read has been posted on the forum.  It’s kinda handy.




    San Francisco

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to get email notifications for just specific forums, such as Announcements, Events and Training and Regional>SFBayRangers.

    Other forum sites (such as have this functionality which allows a user to subscribe to a daily or weekly email for each forum.   It lets the user tailor their email settings to their own needs.

    Check out ADVRider and you’ll see what I mean.




    Full Gear

    One thing that would make the email notifications more useful for those of us using threaded mail readers is to assign either or both References and In-Reply-To tags to messages that follow a topic.  This would thread the messages properly in most modern mail readers.  discusses this in some detail.


    – Full Gear


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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