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All Black Rock Rangers and prospective Rangers go through a mandatory training session once each year. These trainings are offered on various weekends at about 30 locations across the United States and Canada between May and August. Trainings consist of a combination of lectures, discussions, activities, and scenarios covering topics such as communications, conflict resolution, radio usage, and other skills that will give you the basics you’ll need to be a Ranger.

If you have never Rangered before, or have Rangered only one year on playa, you will need to take the full training, which lasts from 10 am to 5 pm. If you are a veteran Ranger (i.e., you’ve Rangered two or more years on playa) you will need to attend just the afternoon session, which begins at 1:30 pm. We start promptly at 10 am (1:30 pm for veterans) so please arrive 20-30 minutes early so you’re ready to go. We especially encourage veterans to show up early so they can have lunch with newer Rangers.

Please bring lunch, water and snacks, chairs, and whatever else you’ll need to be comfortable. You’ll also need to bring a pencil or pen and a notebook or paper. Be prepared to stay later for impromptu get togethers, BBQ’s, etc. Please do not schedule something else for 5 pm, in case the training runs late. If you can’t make the whole training, you will need to plan to attend another one!

Please see the Training FAQ page if you have questions about training.

Training sessions for 2014

More updates coming as dates and locations are confirmed. Please note that if the training you’d like to attend is not yet listed, we are still working to lock down details. This list will be updated as information solidifies. (Further down the web page is a list of where and when we held trainings last year, which should give you a good idea of where we’ll be holding them this year.)

Please note: If attending a Ranger training at a regional event, it is an expectation that you have a ticket for that event in order to participate in training at the event unless otherwise noted.

Completed sessions for 2014.



Event or address

Local Contact

May 2 Snowflake, AZ Saguaro Man Hermione
May 3 Seattle, WA Private Residence Diver Dave
May 10 Boston, MA Artisan’s Asylum Quandary
May 25 Toronto, ON 91 Brandon Ave – downstairs Martin Jay
May 31 Portland, OR Private Residence
Green Dot training
May 31 Calgary/Edmonton, AB Private Residence Africa
June 7 Chicago, IL Private Residence Godess
 June 7 San Francisco, CA Burning Man HQ
Green Dot training
Ice Cream
June 14 Salt Lake City, UT TBD
Green Dot Training June 15th
 June 21 Vancouver, BC Sideshow Studios
15 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver BC, V51 1B1
Green Dot Training
Tear Jerker
June 21 Los Gatos, CA Soulfire
Green Dot training
Santa Cruz
June 21 Lakeland, FL Maddox Ranch Curry
June 28 Montreal, PQ “Private Residence
Rosemont close to Beaubien and Jean-Talon Metro (subway) stops”
Martin Jay
June 28 Seattle, WA Private Residence
Green Dot training
June 28 Joshua Tree, CA Private Residence
Green Dot training
July 5 Black Rock Desert, NV Rendezvous Point
Capt Hook (Tow Truck) training
Intercept Training
July 19 Denver, CO CADA 290 E. Speer, Denver, CO
Green Dot Training
July 19 Napa, CA CampOut
Green Dot training
Intercept Training
July 19 Los Angeles, CA Private Residence
Green Dot training
July 26 Brooklyn, NY Pratt Institute
Green Dot Training
July 26 Austin, TX Private Residence Peaches
July 27 Cincinnati, OH / Indianapolis, IN “Karns Brothers Farm”
7606 E 450 S
Waldron, IN 46185
July 27 LA, CA Green Dot Training ONLY at 2PM RSVP Twisted Cat
 August 2 Atlanta, GA Sparseland Studios
675 Metropolitan Pkwy Suite 6026-E5, Atlanta, Georgia 30310
August 2 Mooseman 1273 dennison road minden ontario Martin Jay
August 3 Oakland, CA Private Residence
Green Dot training
August 3 San Francisco Burning Man HQ
Green Dot training
Sand Man training
Safety Phil
August 6 Cambridge, MA Green Dot ONLY 1830-2200 at Porter Square Quandary for address and details.
August 24 Black Rock City Ranger Outposts Tokyo and Berlin
Green Dot training 0900 at Ranger HQ
Intercept Training (location TBD)
Safety Phil
August 26 Black Rock City Tokyo (Ranger Training)
Green Dot training 0900 at Ranger HQ
August 28 Black Rock City Disorient Dome at high noon
Sand Man training
Vegas and RoadRash

If you are not sure how the process works, check out the info on Becoming a Ranger

If you’re new to the process, the Volunteer Coordinators may be reached at:

Please direct all training related questions to: