July Desert Training


2013 – IMPORTANT!!

There has been quite a bit of rain over the last couple of days. We are expecting the playa to dry out by Saturday, but to be safe, check in before driving out by:

  • Stopping in at Ranger Outpost Gerlach behind the gas station. Someone should be there
  • Call in on the HAM radio and check in with folks out on playa
  • If all else fails, head on out, but drive carefully along the edge of the playa and make sure you’re aware of what you’re getting into. If you’re not sure, get out and walk ahead of the vehicle.

ROM location change: Due to wet playa conditions, training will be moving. Note the changes below.

Directions to the Black Rock Desert training:

  1. Drive to Gerlach, NV.
  2. Go to Bruno’s Country Club. Check your odometer.
  3. Drive West on Hwy 447 (aka Main St.) thru Gerlach. When the road forks a mile or so outside of town, take the right fork onto State Route 34.
    • Take the 3 mile playa entrance
    • Head across the playa to the east track
    • Turn north and proceed up to Coyote Dunes
    • From the dunes head toward 40° 47.096′ N 119° 11.976′ W 
  4. At about nine miles from Bruno’s you will pass the entry onto the playa that is used for the event.
  5. At about twelve miles from Bruno’s take a right off the pavement onto a well worn dirt entry to the playa. This is referred to as, “the twelve mile entrance”.
  6. The tracks will take off in many directions. Bear North, sticking to the tracks to the left. You will have the flat playa on your right and hillocks, berms, and sagebrush on your left.
  7. Travel north on the playa for 3.4 miles after leaving blacktop, and the camp will be off to your left there, on the West coast of the playa. There will be lots of tracks. This be ‘da place, and it is called “Rendezvous Point“. (Note: we are no longer at Dog Camp, just keeping heading North until you reach the new location.)

Just a word of caution: Google Maps doesn’t understand points that are beyond the asphalt; Rendezvous Point is certainly off the beaten path. This may be somewhat hazardous and potentially dangerous if you follow their recommendations blindly. Use some precautions and common sense when driving around the playa.

Latitude Longitude
DMS 40° 49′ 3.22″ N 119° 13′ 23.22″ W
DegDec 40.817561 -119.223118

Got a ham radio?  Tune it to 440.175 MHz (+), PL 100.0.  You can call there once you get to the playa if you get lost or need help finding Rendezvous Point.

More HAM info available at the Black Rock Amateur Radio Association